Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Breaking News: Polish Kielbasa Market Sponsors Autocross Saran Wrap Artist!

We are thrilled to share that Piast Meats & Provisions, a family-owned Polish gourmet market, has just announced a sponsorship package for autocross saran wrap artist Tom R. featured in recent OneHotLap articles!! 

Straight from Piast's home page, "We make and sell a wide assortment of our own traditional homemade kielbasa and cold cuts, handmade pierogi, rare imported European groceries, and delicious hot takeout meals. Everything is prepared naturally according to traditional Old World recipes for an unmistakably authentic flavor!"

As part of the sponsorship deal, the saran wrap artist is required to compete in all autocross events with Piast Hunter kielbasa taped to the hood of his BMW 335xi. Tom R. has immediately moved to satisfy the sponsor's requirements, as evident from his car's new look:

A pack of Piast Hunter kielbasa front and center...

... angled...

... and diagonally.

Further details of the sponsorship package reveal that Tom is also required to consume Piast's Summer BBQ Special before each competitive event, including the upcoming club karting championship. Rumors are that other drivers competing for the same sponsorship package have tried to snatch Tom's kielbasa. He has issued a plea to everyone to please stop touching his kielbasa and leave it on the hood of the car.

There are already numerous Piast fans at BMW CCA Boston's autocross events, including course designer Scruffy, his lovely wife Susan, Yours Truly, and many more. The sponsorship package has drawn considerable attention in the paddock and the club's autocross committee is hard at work designing new t-shirts for drivers demanding a piece of the kielbasa action:

OneHotLap will be evaluating the Polish kielbasa effect on driver competitiveness in great detail at the upcoming club championship. Stay tuned for more breaking news!

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