Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Fantabulous BMW CCA Boston Autocross Event 1: Pictures, Results, and More - Part I

Thank you everyone for a fantabulous autocross event 1 with BMW CCA Boston! 90+ cars, 72+ second FTD, 8 runs, and all done by 4 PM! Sun and wind. Tons of smiles. Even gourmet Polish kielbasa, home-made pretzels, and rumors of cookies being passed around that I never saw (probably by design)!

Can you feel the anticipation building up?

We already know it's FUN, why rub it in for everyone else who's not at the event?

Top 20 times:

FTD Car:

Dude, who stole my steering wheel?

This cone's life expectancy is measured in milliseconds:

What a beauty!!

Just a walk in the park for the JCZ3

MX-5s CAN look mean!

There must be a hair dryer somewhere in here...

Mandatory drivers' meeting. Everyone is expected to memorize 
the Day of Event rules and practice reciting them in front of the mirror 
the night before the event!

 Fastest car on street tires:

Corner workers must have the pace and grace of gazelles
to be able to pick up the cones fast enough!

5/1/2012 UPDATE:
Per Mike S., driver of the red Miata below, "Ah, it was 70 seconds FTD if J people didn't keep whacking cones :)" I think he meant to say "jaded" people, not "J" people...

More BMW CCA Boston Autocross Photos from April 29, 2012

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  1. https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/-2sURZ5sSk9Y/T58V6FJUNcI/AAAAAAAAAjo/6n3W1B4Ku4s/s128/DSC_6504.jpg

    Hmm..Does this shadow make my ass look big?


  2. I love that picture of Oleg. Hilarious!

  3. This one, Scruffy? Kermit's got curves. Even if he looks fatter, all the weight goes into the right places. Best part is, it's always in front of us ;o)

  4. Mark, if I saw Andrew coming in the background with the silver Cayman, I'd run fast too!

  5. Nope, I mean J-people. As in J class. Where you need at least 300 HP to complete.

    Take me away, please. Find a lonely Miata a class to play in.

    1. You think you have it bad, try driving a 33yr old family car in class J!

  6. Mike, the 300-HP drivers are complaining that those Miatas are 1,000 lbs lighter. They are asking that the SCCA bump up your PAX. What's up with that?

  7. I could tell you what's up... but since they are designing our next course I'll bite my tongue till October.

  8. Ouch! That's a long time, Mike. Not sure if you can hold it in till October... I think we need more BMW course designs to balance it all out :o)

  9. What a day. Good Job BC BMWCCA! Thanks for the pictures.

  10. Don't worry Mike. The wins will only mean more with the greater PAX handicap!

  11. Easy for the fastest guy on street tires and #3 overall to say...

  12. When the Miata types complain I know I have set up a proper BMW/PORSCHE autocross. Gotta play to the crowd.

  13. I would have had faster times except the wind was against me. Yeah, that's it. But having less than 300hp was the clincher. And, the cones. The d@m# cones were in the way!

    Hmm, and then there are the the V8 miatas to foil. A miata *and* 300hp...

    Great event, as ususal.

  14. And I get complaints from the Evo and STi guys that we don't have enough control over the weather and do not run more events in the rain. Scruffy, Rob and Ralphie are bringing sprinklers for the next event. It's really hard to keep the family together but we're doing our best ;o)

  15. I'm still waiting for a snow event! I heard there was one a few years back...

  16. Mark, that's what ice racing is for ;o)

  17. I would have been way faster if I had had a steering wheel! and new rear rubber... and more skill...