Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Fantabulous BMW CCA Boston Autocross Event 1: Pictures, Results, and More - Part I

Thank you everyone for a fantabulous autocross event 1 with BMW CCA Boston! 90+ cars, 72+ second FTD, 8 runs, and all done by 4 PM! Sun and wind. Tons of smiles. Even gourmet Polish kielbasa, home-made pretzels, and rumors of cookies being passed around that I never saw (probably by design)!

Can you feel the anticipation building up?

We already know it's FUN, why rub it in for everyone else who's not at the event?

Top 20 times:

FTD Car:

Dude, who stole my steering wheel?

This cone's life expectancy is measured in milliseconds:

What a beauty!!

Just a walk in the park for the JCZ3

MX-5s CAN look mean!

There must be a hair dryer somewhere in here...

Mandatory drivers' meeting. Everyone is expected to memorize 
the Day of Event rules and practice reciting them in front of the mirror 
the night before the event!

 Fastest car on street tires:

Corner workers must have the pace and grace of gazelles
to be able to pick up the cones fast enough!

5/1/2012 UPDATE:
Per Mike S., driver of the red Miata below, "Ah, it was 70 seconds FTD if J people didn't keep whacking cones :)" I think he meant to say "jaded" people, not "J" people...

More BMW CCA Boston Autocross Photos from April 29, 2012

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