Thursday, May 3, 2012

Fascinating New Trends in Saran Wrap Autocross Art!!

In his quest for protecting his beloved BMW E90 335xi from nasty cones that randomly get in the way and leave marks on his car, autocross driver Tom R. set out to explore the benefits and aesthetics of saran wrap (with some significant help from his friends while he was away from his car running Staging.) 

Not content with merely protecting the car, Tom set out to wrap it almost entirely with saran wrap similarly to artist Christo’s unique projects that wrapped the Reichstag in Berlin:

... and the Pont-Neuf bridge in Paris:

The carefully executed, wrinkle-free saran wrap helps the 335xi glide faster through the course:

Tom's artistic creativity is especially evident in this picture revealing a large piece of wrap hanging loose in front of the grill. (NOTE: The autocross committee is investigating the legality of the design as this piece may be considered a movable aerodynamic device).

One side benefit of this aesthetically looking rear end design is that it will protect the highly coveted DINAN 3 badge.

Design lines flow continuously all around the car:

The design leaves just enough space through the front door's window for the driver to be able to get in and out - a small price to pay for these breakthrough autocross aesthetics!

Incredibly, this new artistic autocross trend is catching on. Note how much the bright orange stickers on the E36 M3 in the background...

... resemble the theme from Christo's Gates project in New York City:

One Hot Lap is attempting to arrange an exclusive interview with the breakthrough autocross artist. Stay tuned for breaking news!

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