Friday, May 25, 2012

Funniest Formula 1 Moments

Seeing the upcoming Monaco Grand Prix in the news reminded me of this funny Formula 1 moments video:

Montoya really cracked me up at at 0:41. Those people are called comedians, Juan. They don't crash into jet dryers or anything crazy like that...

Kimi at 1:45, asked if he will ever get over missing the presentation by Pele: "Yeah, I was having a shit."

Webber's facial expression at 2:10 is an absolute gem!!

The Trulli-Sutil exchange starting at 2:34 is funny but what's funnier is that Kimi looked completely unfased for a full minute during that hilarious exchange before he cracked a smile ever so slightly. This is boring, pass me another ice cream from the freezer.

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