Friday, May 4, 2012

Gone Driving

It's fantastic to be back at Watkins Glen with the Genesee Valley Chapter. 80 and clear, it's shaping up to be an incredible weekend!!

One Hot Lap's Z4 M Coupe in the paddock

Was trying to figure out why an E36 IP club racer hangs in with the Z4 M Coupe on the back straight (no contest in the turns - the IP car walks away!) 330 HP/3,230 lbs here. Turns out the IP cars put out *only* 300 HP but weigh 2,750 lbs without the driver - that's a better power to weight ratio right there!

Just like the bumper stickers says, this IP car is FukenMuven!

Good thing the M Coupe has better aerodynamics to make up for some of that lower power to weight ratio. IP cars run the Glen at 2:08 in qualifying trim, insanely good times for something that started out as a 240 HP street car!