Sunday, May 6, 2012

Live from the Saran Wrap Masters at Watkins Glen: Presenting the Condom-Vette

OK boys, this is how it's done:

It's a full-size ribbed condom complete with custom highlights:

No more cheap imitations like this, please:

And no more need for painters tape to hold the red tape over the saran wrap with duct tape holding everything together!!

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  1. If you're so worried about your paint, maybe tracking your car s not the best idea?

    Is this Larry's M3 all wrapped up?

  2. Should be exposed at the Guggenheim and not at the track!

  3. The condom-vette was by far the "safest" car at the track. There was another - or perhaps the same - car at Summit Pt 2 weeks ago where the prophylactic material gradually left its patient in the sodden downpour.

  4. Safest condom, I mean car on track? I'll take it he didn't drop any fluids and that's a very good thing.