Thursday, May 24, 2012

Name That Caption! (No. 13)

That's just radical!
It will probably make a great sailboat!
Lucky 13

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  1. More comments from OneHotLap on Facebook:

    Chris C.: And you thought the radical was too low to the ground to clean the undercarriage without jacking it up.

    Jake W.: NO brake DIVING

    Jake W.: seriously though....My favorite Street legal car...Pains me to see.

    Chris C.: No bueno

    Noah D.: Shinn BECAUSE RACE BOAT

    OneHotLap: Shame they couldn't find 2 guys to lift it by hand and put it on top of the SUV...

    Peter R.: Don't worry I put a tarp on it.. it won't get wet

    OneHotLap: Good thing that wing looks OK. At least 1 part of the car will still be functional.

    Chris D.: Ah dammit, it's aqua planing again