Thursday, May 17, 2012

Print Media Is Dead. Long Live Print Media!

RACER magazine was created two decades ago and fast gained popularity with race fans and everybody in the racing biz. Eventually, its success caught the eye of big publishing houses and it was purchased by Haymarket Publishing. The impact of the internet has caused a seismic shift in global media and RACER somehow fell back in the hands of its original creator Paul Pfanner who is now offering its digital version for free:

We live in a world where everyone can be a journalist. It's empowering. But it often comes at the expense of quality. Browsing through RACER reminded me what it takes to put together a real high quality magazine. It's worth a few minutes of your time for the brilliant editorials, the amazing pictures, and that high quality print feel that you just don't get anywhere else. Let's hope there will be enough people buying its $39.95 annual print subscription to keep RACER going for all of us. 

Print media is dead. Long live print media!