Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Ridiculously Cool Pictures from BMW CCA Boston 2012 Autocross Event 2

2,000 lbs, 400 rwhp... 

... from a 2.0 L 

What a cool ride to bring to the autocross!

Doesn't the carbon fiber hood cost more than the entire Datsun?? 

Would you like your meal supersized? 

I know there's a car somewhere behind that wing! 

I see the head. Where does the rest of the body go? 

 FUN-FUN or phen-phen?
This is your captain speaking. Today's flight will be 74.5 seconds. 

Oversize go-kart. With similar size engine! 

 Strike a pose!

The Beast is alive!


This car makes the cones look fuzzy...

 ... and this one makes the starter look fuzzy.

 Yeah, slide that OneHotLap Evo!

Because sideways is more fun! 

Who needs a rear passenger wheel?


All pictures and videos from BMW CCA Autocross Event 2

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