Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Telly Awards: "Driver" Is a Fantastic Piece of Cinematography!

The annual Telly Awards honors the best film & video productions, as well as groundbreaking online video content. I really liked this Veloz Media video titled "Driver" featuring Turner Motorsport's driver Bill Auberlen. The footage is amazing and the score by Scott D. Davis based on Metallica's Nothing Else Matters will send shivers down your spine:

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The entire video was shot at Carolina Motorsports Park. In the words of creator Miguel Aponte-Rios:

"Flew down early AM and after 1.5 hrs of driving, I was at CMP for the first time. I needed a little 'stress free' day and as soon as I pulled into the track, I knew it would be a great one. Everyone was so relaxed. So different from race days when I have been covering the team. All 3 cars where ready to go and we were waiting for track to go green. In-car cameras installed in all 3 cars, #94 was first...

I headed down in my AVIS Ford Focus. Of course, I had to give it a try. I mentioned to Will I'd need to do one quick lap to check the spots where I will be shooting from and he laughed. "Go now and keep an eye out for Billy."

Heading down pit lane was probably the most embarrassing moment of my life. HA! Tried to go as fast as this thing would let me only to see in the rear view mirror a wicked fast yellow machine approaching by the time I was merely at Turn 4. In a matter of seconds, he rips by me. The Focus almost jumped off track. I think it was more scared than I was.

Quickly picked the first spot to film and there it began. I was a 'one man band' for this shoot so I was travelling with the essentials. Sony HD EX-3, HD lipstick cams, Go Pro Hero HDs (spares in case it got ran over), wireless microphones and music. The entire time I was shooting for this specific piece I was listening to this track. Visualizing in my head how the shots would interweave, cut, transform, post- special FX, color many ways the film was taking shape as I was shooting. I knew exactly how I wanted it to flow and tell the story. I shot all day. Zipping around in the Ford Focus and quickly setting up for the next shot. By 7PM I was driving back to the airport. While on the plane, I couldn't really grasp the fact that I had just landed this AM, filmed all day at the track, and now heading back home to shoot a National Park Service job. Talk about difference in jobs.

To see Bill work this hard and never loose concentration was an amazing experience. I don't think even we racers get a sense of how intense this job can be for the Pros like him. It's not fun racing all the time. It's a hard job. It is truly an office space in there. Calculations, feel, acceleration, braking, turning, steering, rear end, front end, abs, weight transfer to mention a few. How can someone calculate all those things in a matter of seconds while flying through a turn? And how can you calculate those same things while jumping from a Rolex GT car to a much less powered Continental GS car in minutes, within the same practice session...and be successful at it?  Bill Auberlen."