Sunday, May 20, 2012

Watkins Glen Onboard Video: Fast Company in the Instructor Group

Fast company in the instructor group at Watkins Glen: 3 Lotuses, two 911s, an NSX, a BMW Z4 M Coupe, a 1M, a few well set up E36 M3s, an E46 M3, and a couple of E30s!

Lapping in clean air starts ~ 10:40. Fastest laps are in the last 5 minutes of the video when the traffic clears up. 

Best part about this Z4 M Coupe daily driver is that you just take the stuff out of the trunk, swap the brake pads with something more track-worthy, and it's good to go for a three-day track weekend! The Dunlop Direzza Z1 Star Specs do double duty as my daily commute tires and they are absolutely fantastic on the track!

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  1. Awesome driving Christo. GW looks like a fast track as it seems you are pretty much always on the throttle :-)

  2. Yes, fast and it flows really well too. Def. one of my favorite - right up there with VIR and Tremblant, maybe Monticello too. We'll have to see how Calabogie compares this July - it's supposed to be really good too!

  3. You didnt happen to be at NJMP today were you? Saw some nasty Z4M's lapping in the instructors group today!

  4. 1///M, no I wish ;o) Which club?