Thursday, May 10, 2012

Watkins Glen Onboard Video: Corrupting Young Souls

I took a passenger in every one of my sessions at Watkins Glen this past weekend but one passenger really stood out: this was Jenn T.'s first time riding at a racetrack!

We exchanged emails two days after the event and Jenn wrote:
"Would you believe as a result of my ride I've decided to sign up for a SCCA Solo course with my regional chapter and plan to do the Genessee Valley BMW Ultimate Driving School at the Glen in August?!  Yup, I've been bitten! ;)"

Mission accomplished!

This was in spite of the fact that the session was black-flagged for an off 5 minutes after it started and it finished with a Corvette Z06 blowing its motor in front of us. To be fair, we never said that driving at the track is rational... just that you'd be missing too much fun if you didn't do it.