Thursday, June 28, 2012

A 59.4 with 3 Cones and 2 "SH*T!"s: Videos and Top 20 Times from BMW CCA Boston's 2012 Autocross Event 3

Here are videos from the top two cars on r-comps and the top car on street tires at BMW CCA Boston's 2012 Autocross Event 3. Interestingly, even though the two fastest cars (an '11 EVO MR and a '95 M3) were entirely different, they had one thing in common that neither car was supposed to have: 315 mm wide tires all around!!

Steve Hazard got the FTD for the day with a clean run of 60.2. Here's a video from his last run for the day in the EVO: a 59.4 with 3 cones and 2 "SHIT!"s (fair warning: the second one is very loud!!)

And here is Hank Wallace's first run for the day in the M3: a 60.5 with 2 cones and no SHITs! (This was the only run in which Hank took the second optional slalom on the left.)

So help me out here -- the difference between these two dirty runs is about a second and 2 "SHIT!"s. If my math is correct then, every "SHIT!" is good for about half a second. So if you can say "SHIT!" fast enough during a run, your time could be close to zero seconds and you'd own the course. Developing driving skills therefore is useless; the name of the game is to yell "SHIT" as fast as you can while driving the course!

Here's a video from the fastest run on street tires: an amazing 62.4 from Jon Cowen driving his well set up '98 M3:

And here is the best run of 64.7 in the OneHotLap Z4 M Coupe: good enough for 6-th overall on street tires. It probably does not deserve a mention in this elite company except for one detail: we own this site!

OneHotLap's Unofficial Results

Top 20 Cars Overall (out of 97 cars at the event)

Top 20 Cars on R-Comps

Top 20 Cars on Street Tires

Link to the official Event 3 results

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