Monday, June 25, 2012

Bumper-Level GoPro Hits Autocross Cone in Slow-Mo

I had a brain fart at the second optional slalom during this Sunday's autocross and halfway through the transition between the first and second cone, I forgot which way I was supposed to go.

This video starts with the first cone of the optional slalom. Going right in the optional was the faster way to go and that was the game plan. As I started heading left for the second cone, about halfway through the transition you can tell from the video that I got confused and nudged the car slightly to the right. Unable to make up my mind about which way I wanted to go, I ended up hitting the second cone with the geometric center of the bumper where I had "safely" mounted the GoPro camera. Check out the cone shape immediately after the hit. This is the shortest, fattest cone you'll ever see!!

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