Monday, June 18, 2012

Name That Caption! (No. 17)

Thought you were trying to hitch a ride...

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  1. I really need to order new brakes at

  2. Spot on!

    More comments on OneHotLap on Facebook:

    Hank W.: How do you like my Merc hat?

    Al H.: Advance mobile oil service. "we change the diff oil while you drive"

    OneHotLap: Will do a free 20-point check too while you're driving!

    Yani A.: Another wreck, brought to you by Corvette's fantastic brakes!

    Jamey F.: Proof that the wedge design is still useful if not relevant

    Jamey F.: Vette: "I swear officer, I was driving down the street minding my own business when this Mercedes just dropped out of the tree on me!"

    Jamey F.: Mercedes: "I am the tree stalker! Rawr!"

    Jamey F.: Note this happened off "Skyline"... I smell a Nissan plot to take over the world!

    OneHotLap: Fastest way to get a cab-forward design? Get humped by a Benz!

    Jamey F.: Looks like two baby kittens fighting for a teat

    Jamey F.: Mercedes don't care, he'll eat BMWs, he'll eat Audis, eww look he's eating a Vette!

    OneHotLap: Nice exhaust!

    Jamey F.: I really have a hard time believing this wasn't either staged or photoshopped... I'm pretty sure Vettes collapse on the front end from running into a strong breeze, the idea that a convertible top and a fiberglass front end are supporting an entire car is a bit of a stretch

    OneHotLap: It's possible but I doubt it. Lots of broken glass on the pavement (driver side) and the front of the 'Vette is pushed pretty far down judging by the lack of gap between the front passenger tire and the fender.

    Jacques B.: Shhhh, they're mating....