Friday, June 22, 2012

Name That Caption! (No. 18)

Thought the hedge could use a little high-speed trim.
Damn, I'm still 10" off the apex!


  1. did that rider make it around the corner? was he trying to pass on the inside? did he win?

  2. More comments from OneHotLap on Facebook:

    Mig A.: ‎0.0000000065 second nap under the tree.

    Jamey F.: I meant to do that!

    Jamey F.: on a side note, I can't help but observe that since I bought my bike you've suddenly started focusing more on bike accident photos...

    Mark V.: Silly boys, grass is only a racing surface for cars.
    Friday at 11:02am · Like · 1

    Jake W.: ‎2 off isn't a black flag, right ?

    Peter R.: ‎52 is allergic to bees so he doesn't take that line
    Friday at 11:09am · Like

    Gary R.: Uhhh I think you are on the wrong bike for that venue.

    Christo T.: Just trying to connect the dots and straighten the line...

    Timothy H.: Drive like you give face, head first in that hedge!