Friday, June 29, 2012

Name That Caption! (No. 19)

Hat Tip to Dylan R.

Look, you only need one wheel for drifting!


  1. I am sure it is for a good reason but this is what happens when your car is missing one headlight...a balanced car is so very important!

  2. More comments from OneHotLap on Facebook:

    Jamey F.: The "GoPro" would only mount crooked, can you drive a bit more sideways and up some on the right side?

    Christo T.: This is nothing; I can do cartwheels too!

    Jamey F.: Crazy uncle Marvin only appeared in some specialty adult videos in his native land of Germany while Herbie renounced his family lineage and moved to America where he became an instant star.

    Mark V.: Let's see your E36 do this!

    Jd: hungry hungry hippos

    OneHotLap: Going for the "murder flip" next!

    Peter R.: oh, no if that happens that little Go-Pro is F-ed

    Fran├žoise T.: ‎"take that Shawn White!"

    OneHotLap: Better haircut than White's even with that chewed up front spoiler too!

    Jamey F.: They say Germans love David Hasselhoff, apparently Europeans hate Shawn White?

    OneHotLap: I just want to know how he ended up dating this. Gulp!

    Jamey F.: Shawn White is very cool. If you don't know that then you're just reading internet articles and watching TV commercials. He's a serious playa!

    Chris D.: BMW The ultimate sideways and slightly upwards driving machine