Saturday, June 30, 2012

Pit Stop Math with Turner Motorsport at Watkins Glen

So if it takes 4 guys at Turner Motorsport 27 seconds to complete a pit stop, and it takes a 25-person Formula 1 crew 5 seconds to do the same, doesn't that make Turner's pit stop faster per crew member? Turner's crew of 4 will spend a total of 108 seconds combined and the Formula 1 team will spend a total of 125 seconds combined. I think we have a winner!

Turner considers pit stops at the Glen to be a critical component in allowing the cars to make it to the front. The No. 96 M3 has a few new additions to the pit crew who have proven to be very fast in practice, as you can see from the above video.

"I feel confident we have the cars and strategy to be up front this weekend", said Will Turner about the team's chances at the Continental Tire's Watkins Glen round. "It looks like we are going to have some warm weather come race time and as the track heats up, the cars balance and handling will change. We will have to do what we can to stay consistent."

Here's to a good race!

Boris looks comfy, that's a good sign!

One day I will have a garage floor just like that!

Oops... One more reason to...

... bring the Turner Motorsport girls to the race to cheer everyone up.