Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Stig's OneHotLap Cousin The SMIG Is Back in a Blaze of Glory

The Stig's OneHotLap cousin The SMIG is back in a Blaze of Glory and drawing out the big guns with an E30 M3 art race car!!

Undoubtedly, the idea behind these bright colors is to blind the competition and the stewards out on track and use that distraction to set new track records!

The art theme has not completely made it to the engine just yet but at least the cover gets a nice blue-purple-and-red M treatment:

The SMIG's crew looks puzzled in this picture at NHMS. Maybe they expected to find the driver in the trunk instead? Rumors are, the SMIG was practicing Le Mans-style starts but couldn't quite get the jump into the car right. With faded, bluish colors this dreamy, it might have been something generated right in the SMIG's brain, though.

(OneHotLap's M Coupe on the right might as well be invisible next to the SMIG's art car)

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