Saturday, June 9, 2012

This is What Happens If You Park a Formula 1 Car in Talladega

On a more realistic note, this reminded me of a story from the 2005 One Lap of America --

One-lappers usually stay at the cheapest hotels they can find. Most of us only got a couple of hours of sleep a night, so it really doesn't matter that much where you crash for the night. For the V.I.R. event, we stayed at this relatively nice hotel and somehow found ourselves at a continental breakfast with real silverware and cloth tables. We thought it would be worth it to break away from our fast food routine and have a real sit-down at the expense of track walking that morning. It was all worth it: our waitress, a very nice “golden girl” must have been all mixed up with the motley crew of One Lappers and especially the loud group of Swiss drivers at the table next to us who were having a great time. We left the waitress a sizable tip and she goes ”Thank you for bringing Formula 1 to town, y’all. We really appreciate what you’re doing for the area.”

This was the closest to racing celeb I ever felt!

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