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Group B Mazda RX7: This Is How I Want to Drive When I Grow up!

This is how I want to drive when I grow up:

Hat Tip to Jamie F.

Well, OK, except for the spins in the second half of the video. I can already do those pretty well!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Audi R8 e-tron Electric Car Sets World Record at the Nürburgring

The Audi R8 e-tron all electric car has quietly set a world record for a production vehicle with an electric drive system on the Nürburgring Nordschleife. Racing driver Markus Winkelhock piloted the R8 e-tron around the 12.92-mile track in 8:09.099 minutes.

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Friday, July 20, 2012

First Ever BMW Minivan Spotted in Ontario, Canada

Here is a spy shot of the first ever BMW Minivan, spotted in Ontario, Canada where BMW NA is doing final testing at Mosport. Since Minivan starts with the letter M, the BMW minivan automatically gets an M designation.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

A Lotus Gone Wild: How an A/C Leak Turned into a 400-WHP Monster - Part III

Here is Part III of the amazing 400-WHP, 2,000 LB Lotus Exige S built by a regular guy without any tuning experience, all done in a small garage, without a lift, and in his spare time. Part I of the series covered the background of the project and why the Toyota 2zz engine was not the best choice. Part II focused on the research that went into the motor and why the Honda K-motor seemed like an intriguing choice. Today's Part III covers some of the other critically important setup choices: supercharger, exhaust, and intercooling. Again, Chris is continuing the write-up in his own words --

Is This Power Usable?
With the K20A2 –Rotrex C38 engine setup finalized, now I had to figure out the rest of the setup.

The benefits of running a Rotrex centrifugal supercharger were not only massive linear power, but also the ability to utilize it like a belt driven turbo. This includes cooling and plumbing. I didn't want to get into any type of custom bodywork for a larger tire fitment and I also wanted to avoid limiting the supercharger's output by running a bigger pulley to reduce psi output. Instead I chose to install a waste gate right after the intercooler on the intake pipe before the throttle body. This way I could control the max boost output through different waste gate springs or a boost controller. The only problem with getting this to work was getting the appropriate weld-end flange. You see waste gates come with SST V-band flanges since they are used on HOT turbo exhaust systems, which are normally made out of SST. I needed this same flange in aluminum since you really cannot weld SST to aluminum.

To pull this off, I figured I could just purchase a Tial MVR waste gate and sent out the supplied SST flange to have it replicated in aluminum. One more problem solved before the project even started!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A 69.5 with No Cones and No "SH*T!"s: Pictures and Top 20 Times from BMW CCA Boston's 2012 Autocross Event 4

Based on Event 3's math, we concluded that every time you yell "SHIT!", you gain half a second. Developing driving skills therefore is useless; the name of the game is to yell "SHIT" as fast as you can while driving the course! Hank Wallace, who missed the FTD by 3/10s at event 3, vowed to yell "SHIT!" as often as he could at the next event. That seems to have worked very well for him as he got the FTD at event 4:

OneHotLap's Unofficial Top 20 Results

Top 20 Cars Overall (out of 84 cars at the event)

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Honey, I Shrunk the Coilovers!

Imagine you were going to a track event and all you had to do to get the car ready was swype a screen and click a couple of settings. You don't need a machine as big as the one from Honey, I Shrunk the Kids - this can all be done from your iPhone now.

In this link, Turner Motorsport shows us how to control and configure the KW DDC ECU coilovers via your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The App allows you to program five personal damper setups and you can even share them with your friends. With the app, each axle can be adjusted between 0% (maximum comfort setting) and 100% (maximum sport+ setting). The communication between Smartphone, KW DDC control device, and KW DDC W-LAN module works with a secure WiFi connection and can all be done on the fly.

Creating your own track-specific setup is easy: You just go into the advanced menu where you can set the amount of damper strength you want with the click of a +/- button. Here you can independently adjust damping on the front and real axles of your BMW and save them for later use. According to Will Turner, "We are always looking for new technologies to implement into our suspension packages and having a adjustable suspension like the KW that you can adjust with your iPhone or iPad is not only cool but functional as well."

French Canadian LeMons!!

This is some of the funniest and most entertaining racing I have seen anywhere. It is LOL-funny!

Check out the hysterical start.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Ferrari Limo

Oh the travesty!

Can't be too fast OR comfortable OR handle particularly well but hey -- where else can you fit all of Charlie Sheen's hookers in one Ferrari?

Lotus 2-Eleven Goes Off-Track at 120 MPH

Here's a very interesting video of a Lotus 2-Eleven going off at 120 MPH at Spring Mountain.

Hat Tip to Chris C.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

One Hot Lap Has Just Recorded the Fastest Hot Lap on a Moped in the State of Iowa!

Check out this fantastic One Hot Lap in-car, I mean in-'ped video from Team Athletic Republic!

One Hot Lap Analysis:

0:05 - Impressive opening scene with a cool beep-beep from the moped and stellar acceleration in front of Athletic Republic's store!

One Way to Lose a Race: Forget to Run the Last Lap!!

Here's one comical way to lose a race: forget to run the last lap!

At the Polls: Best Street-Legal Performance Tires

We asked which street-legal tires you like best and the final results revealed a clear winner:

1. The Dunlop Star Spec Direzza got 36% of the vote with a comfortable lead over any other tire in the poll. I know from experience that the Direzzas were good for nearly 2 seconds over the Michelin Pilots on a 70-second autocross course. I have used 3 sets of them so far and they are equally good at autocross and track. At the autocross, the do not need a lot of heat to work at its optimal performance level. At the track, they remain fairly consistent after a fast 30-minute session and only get marginally greasy on excessively hot days. They are long-lasting and reasonably priced to boot. This really has been the best all around street performance tire for the past few years. As one E36 M3 owner summed up his experience with the Direzzas:

"160 Auto-X Runs
300 Laps @ NHMS
60 Laps @ Watkins Glen
5 Drag Races @ Epping
1 BMW Driving school
& 9,000 Miles

All on 1 Set of Star Specs......With plenty of tread left!"

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

BMW Has Announced the M3 Nordstrom Edition!

Following up on its announcement about the BMW M3 Lime Rock Park edition, BMW NA has just added a new model to its 2012 Fall Designer Collection:

The BMW M3 Nordstrom edition!

A Lotus Gone Wild: How an A/C Leak Turned into a 400-WHP Monster - Part II

Here is Part II of the amazing 400-WHP, 2,000 LB Lotus Exige S built by a regular guy without any tuning experience, all done in a small garage, without a lift, and in his spare time. Part I of the series covered the background of the project and why the Toyota 2zz engine was not the best choice. Part II focuses on the research that went into the motor and why the Honda K-motor seemed like an intriguing choice. Again, Chris is continuing the write-up in his own words --

Honda K-Swap?
Further research lead me to some inane videos of Euro S1 Lotus Elise/Exige’s getting Honda K-series engine conversions in place of their stock Rover engines. The videos were showing the ridiculous acceleration of these cars and overall mind-blowing performance, but why were they using a Honda K-Series Engine?? As it turns out, this engine is capable of putting down massive reliable power out of a stock long block. It has huge aftermarket support, including some impressive tranny upgrade options! This really got my attention. The problem with this idea was a lack of known conversion kits available for the S2 Federal Elise/Exige. A few people have done it, but the first kit supplier was nowhere to be found. So this idea dried up for a while until I contacted Innovative Mounts for some information on their upgraded 2zz engine mounts. During our conversation, they asked me about my overall goals for the car. After reviewing my goals, they simply asked:

“Why don’t you just do a K-swap instead?”

Seriously? Like we were talking about swapping in brake pads or something simple like that!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Name That Caption! (No. 23)

No need to back up, Fattie - I'll squeeze right under and I'll be on my way to the track.

Monday, July 9, 2012

A Lotus Gone Wild: How an A/C Leak Turned into a 400-WHP Monster - Part I

Ever wanted to do something so crazy and jaw-dropping, you couldn’t even tell anyone form fear they would try to stop you from doing it? Like launching yourself in a cask over the Niagara Falls. Getting up to highway speeds on a skateboard pulled by a car and then just cruising until you hit something? Build your own rocket and launch yourself into space?

Or tearing out the engine from a Lotus Exige with only 15K original miles and swapping it with another 4-banger just .2 liters bigger? Chris did that and a lot more along the way. Here is the amazing story of a regular guy (in his own words) building a 400-WHP, 2,000 LB Lotus Exige S in his own garage, in his spare time, on an aggressive timeline and a tight budget  --

About Me
My name is Chris and I love cars. Over the years, I have owned a Porsche 997 S, VW Corrado VR6, Audi A4, MK2 GTi but I have had very little experience working on them. I've done maybe 4 brake jobs, changed 2 alternators, a few competition stereo systems, a timing belt once, and really just basic maintenance for the most part. I've always wanted to build an insanely fast car and learn every detail about it but I never had my own garage to do it in until now. I’ve wanted that feeling of doing my own big project out of my own garage, you know what I mean?

This Is How You Race a Renault Gordini

Better known as the "widow maker" in France!

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This Is How You Race in the Land Down Under!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Majestic Footage from the Isle of Man Race

Here is some majestic footage from the Isle of Man race. These are undoubtedly the craziest riders in the world!

Friday, July 6, 2012

Name That Caption! (No. 22)

Look, green racing is gaining popularity!
Team Moustache Rules!

Contest: Guess the Number of Laps Completed by the ALMS Winner at Lime Rock

We are excited about ALMS at Lime Rock this weekend: Over 30 cars in different classes on a narrow 45-second track that barely fits two cars side by side! Here's a preview of what to expect:

Hat Tip to EJ

To celebrate the occasion, we are running a contest for the number of laps that will be completed by the ALMS winning car at Lime Rock this weekend. Winner gets a OneHotLap t-shirt and bragging rights on our site!!


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Name That Caption! (No. 21)

Hey look - the propeller on his back is working!
This bike doubles up as a hover craft!

OnStar Emergency in a 700-HP Hennessey CTS-V

To OnStar, if a car is running the 1/4 miles in 11 seconds flat, then it MUST be experiencing a catastrophic emergency of some sort.

Wackiest LeMons Race Cars, New Hampshire 2012 Edition

There are a few absolutely hilarious scenes in this LeMons wrap-up but I'd have to hand it to the Volvo Vikings for the funniest-looking car. Just work the sails and you'll never have to pit in for fuel!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

With Six Months Left to Live, This Man's Racing Dream Comes True

Losing the battle against pancreatic cancer, with 6 months left to live, this man got the present of a lifetime: a day at the track and a drive in a Caterham Lola formula car!

Video link to the story
Hat Tip to Eric H.

Happy Fourth of July!

Happy Fourth of July from OneHotLap!

Wondering if the little guy above is one of the 6 baby squirrels that went flying around Watkins Glen in an M Coupe's airbox last year.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Fast Laps around NHMS with Telemetry and ... a Finishing Twist

This NHMS session starts like any other run: clean laps, driver pushing the car more with each lap and getting progressively faster. Just as the the car was finding good rhythm and was on a flyer, the Nissan Z in front pitted in at 7:40 to find a ...surprise guest smoking and facing the wrong way against the wall just off the entrance to the pits.

Name That Caption! (No. 20)

Excuse me for a second, I'll be write back.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Formula Car Crash Revisited: Test Your Split-Second Decision Making

When we first reported on this crazy formula car crash, we thought the in-car footage from it was amazing, especially the level of detail in which the camera captured the accident. It turns out, now you can see the crash from each driver's in-cam, just the way they saw it develop in front of them. I find the footage at 6:31 most frightening as it really shows how close the formula car's driver was to riding the wall on his helmet.

Hat Tip to EJ