Monday, July 2, 2012

Formula Car Crash Revisited: Test Your Split-Second Decision Making

When we first reported on this crazy formula car crash, we thought the in-car footage from it was amazing, especially the level of detail in which the camera captured the accident. It turns out, now you can see the crash from each driver's in-cam, just the way they saw it develop in front of them. I find the footage at 6:31 most frightening as it really shows how close the formula car's driver was to riding the wall on his helmet.

Hat Tip to EJ

I think this video is a great opportunity to test your split-second decision making. If this happened in front you, would you steer left? Right? Try to stop on track or continue going in the hope you'll get through? Find out if you would have made the right choice for each driver and let us know how you made out. Were you able to prevent some of the crashes in your head?

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