Thursday, July 12, 2012

One Hot Lap Has Just Recorded the Fastest Hot Lap on a Moped in the State of Iowa!

Check out this fantastic One Hot Lap in-car, I mean in-'ped video from Team Athletic Republic!

One Hot Lap Analysis:

0:05 - Impressive opening scene with a cool beep-beep from the moped and stellar acceleration in front of Athletic Republic's store!

0:15 - Looking cool. One spectator exclaimed "You guys look buff. Great job by the make-up artist!"

0:21 - Cameraman throws in something for the Friday The 13th crowd (just in time for Friday, July 13!)

0:26 - Very impressive straight line acceleration with 400 lbs of extra weight on the moped!

0:37 - The moped needs to tighten up the line and get tighter to the apex. Good call, Levi: we definitely don't want to wipe out!

0:44 - Yeah baby, this is how we do the hot laps! Nice line through Turn 2!!

0:53 - Top speed is 30 mph before threshold braking for Turn 3!

1:00 Good save in Turn 3 and impressive moped control! Need to work on the racing, I mean moped line, though.

1:06 - Good speed on the home stretch! Kept the 'ped going straight.

1:14 - "AND THAT WAS ONE HOT LAP!" Fantastic synchronized finish topped off by another authentic beep-beep!

One Hot Lap has just recorded the fastest moped lap of 0:49 minutes around an Athletic Republic Store in the entire state of Iowa!

Some commentary from the participants:

One Hot Lap passenger Tyler: "We do hot laps to cool off"

One Hot Lap rider Levi: "You may find this hard to believe, with the stellar acting, but that was one take. and that 'ped had nearly 400# of man... handled like a champ... but yeah, turn 3 made me nervous."

Producer Joshua W: "I was the executive producer of this film....It turned out well....the actors were superb."

Kat (Team AR friend): "HAHAHAH!! This made me laugh pretty hard. I'm easily amused."

LaCresia (Team AR friend): "Should've been runnin that hot lap"

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