Friday, August 10, 2012

Motocross Chaos Ends up with a Ghost Bike in a Pond!

Somebody please help me get off the floor!!! This is by far the sloppiest motocross I have seen anywhere: riders falling all over themselves, barely avoiding each other when they are down, and then to top it all off: the rider with the helmet cam falls off the bike 2 feet before the finish! He rushes to get back on the bike and save his position and the bike runs away from him into ... a pond to the right. LMAO!!!

Hat Tip to Scruffy

In the biker's own words: "I just picked up the bike and popped the clutch to get it over the finish and jumped over the line myself. YES, I did purposely ghost the bike over the finish line"

JUMP over the finish? Ghost the bike into a pond? What a crackup! It's even funnier when you think that there has to be a miniature camera man strapped to the motocross helmet!

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