Sunday, September 9, 2012

OneHotLap Poll: Who Is the Best Driver Anywhere Today?

We were curious to find who is considered the best driver anywhere, in any race series today. So if you were the team owner and wanted to hire the best driver for a new race series without knowing any of its rules, who would it be?

Here's how OneHotLap fans voted:

1. Sebastian Vettel (36%)
It was tossup between Vettel and Loeb. They have squared off a few times in the Race of Champions with both of them winning it.

2. Sebastien Loeb (34%)
Loeb is the most dominant WRC driver ever. You know what they say: if you can win in the WRC, you can win anywhere! This is not quite valid for F1 drivers judging by Kim Raikonnen's poor outing in WRC after he won the F1 title, though.

3. Michael Schumacher (14%)
Seriously? 14% still think he IS currently the best driver? Granted, he's had a crappy F1 car since he came back from retirement but at 43, racing in F1 is an uphill battle even for the most decorated F1 champion. He should try NASCAR - you can race and win well into your 70s there...

4. Dustin Hoffman (8%)
OK, so 8% of you value sense of humor more than driving skills. I'll go with that.

5. Jimmie Johnson (6%)
No respect for one of NASCAR's best drivers in this poll. C'mon, worse than Rain Man, though? Poll was more than a little biased but hey -- that makes it even more fun!