Monday, September 17, 2012

Fastest Lap Recorded in a Daily Driver around Watkins Glen!!

A year ago, we reported on a 2:13 lap time around Watkins Glen by Nick DeRosa in his daily driver - an E36 M3. A year later, Nick has managed to knock off THREE more seconds from his lap time:

According to Nick:

"This year I had my car handling properly.  Last year my subframe was not fully attached to the body due to a failure with the aftermarket hardware.  I fixed that by putting in aluminum subframe bushings.

Also, I have no interior now.  I deleted the radio and AC.  I drove it to and from the event and to work this whole week! It's still my daily driver.  I would assume it weighs 2,750 without me in it but I will know for sure next month when I weigh it at NHMS.

I also have 240 whp."

Nick's lap timer recorded laps of 2:11.7, 2:10.1, and 2:09.79 - truly remarkable for a car with only 240 whp and especially one driven on a daily basis. The setup makes Nick an even safer driver on the street as it is virtually impossible to drink coffee or talk on the phone while driving with this setup. Well, OK, he could probably talk on the phone but he wouldn't be able to hear anything...

Who's willing to bet Nick finds another couple of seconds in the car by this time next year?