Thursday, September 20, 2012

Off to Watkins Glen!

I am off to Watkins Glen for a 3-day driving school with the Genesee Valley Chapter. This is one of my favorite driving events of the year!!

The OneHotLap Z4 M Coupe at Watkins Glen's Turn 10

Come check out OneHotLap's booth in garage bay 5. We will have awesome freebies, great driving advise, very funny jokes, and the best part: The Turner Motorsport Girls will be there wearing OneHotLap outfits! OK, I'm kidding about the girls but you know if there is a story about Six Canadian Baby Squirrels Flying Around Watkins Glen in a BMW Coupe's Airbox, any exciting Condom-Vette developments or any new contenders at the Saran Wrap Masters, we will always have the inside scoop and be the first ones to break the news!

As always, stay on track and remember, Just Say NO to Being "THAT GUY"

Come by and say Hi. Hope to see everyone at the track and off the track.


  1. Thanks Nicolas, I had a great time! I had one of those sessions where you just keep grinning for half hour after it. 2 GT3s and I in the M Coupe left the pits together, passed ~ 20 cars in the instructor group and kept running very close for 15 minutes. Ended up getting a point-by from one of the GT3s. Kept running close with the other one for the rest of the 30-minute session - he'd pull away slightly on the straights, I'd make up for it in the turns. I was maybe 4 car lengths behind when I saw a big puff of blue smoke come out of the GT3's exhaust pipes and he went into the pits. His car turned out to be OK after that - just running too rich at that point. So much fun! Really wish I'd charged my GoPro camera in time for the session so I could see it on video.