Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Sending in My Entry to Turner Motorsport's 2013 Calendar Photo Contest

Thought I'd throw in my entry in Turner Motorsport's 2013 Calendar photo contest. It's a bonus that it goes out to "sponsors and thousands of customers and fans" as they say in the above link but hey -- if I'm the only sponsor and fan that ever sees it, that's good enough for me!

Of the 20 or so tracks I have driven, Watkins Glen is easily one of my favorite (V.I.R., Calabogie, and Tremblant would probably be the other top tracks). Turn 10 is one of my favorite at the Glen. For fastest entry, it requires you to put the outside tires of the car just 2 feet off the wall to the right, brush the brakes to settle the car and enter with maintenance throttle in fourth gear. If you hit the line right and take advantage of all the camber, you can be at 100% throttle by the time you get to the apex and just let the car rotate and drift out the trackout cone. I am at ~ 110 mph at trackout in the Coupe and it feels exhilarating when it all works out perfectly and the car ends right next to the rumbles on trackout.

The picture for my photo contest entry was taken at Genesee Valley Chapter's May 2012 event at the Glen:

Let's hope the guys at Turner don't notice that the car had not been washed for weeks prior to the picture. Or maybe I have an easy excuse: after all, they know a little something about racing and brake dust too.

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