Tuesday, September 25, 2012

This Is Adenau, Where You Went Shopping Today

Very funny video on many levels! Heads-up: worked much better for me with the volume on mute.
 Hat Tip to Hristo S.

"Here's a corner called Flugplataz. The car will jump there."
"Please don't jump. Don't jump."

This is a good line to borrow when you get pulled over and need to explain to the cop why you were driving too fast:
"I'm driving very sensibly."

"But you're driving too fast!"
"I'm not driving too fast - 250 km/h only" (~153 mph)

The European way to request a pass at 7:15: "I'll put the full beams on so he'll know we're here."

Short sleeves, fashionable scarf and a high-five at 270 km/h (~170 mph). Still no helmet in sight, LOL!

By the way, if you unmute the video for a minute and close your eyes, you'll think you're listening to Japanese porn!

And finally, the best reference point around the Nurburgring:
"This is Adenau, where you went shopping today."

Ah, I'll know where to turn now!

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