Monday, September 24, 2012

Trackday Crash Compilation OR Why Choosing the Right Club Matters!

This is why you have to carefully pick the driving school you run with.

The Subaru that knocked over the 3 big trash barrels and then went for a swim at 2:46 is a hands-down winner in my book!


  1. You also have to carefully pick the autocross you run with:

  2. LOL, using trees instead of cones would really speed up the course setup! Are you reading this, Scruffy? You've been wasting your time setting up all these cones.

  3. No problem with the tree at that autocross. It was chaulked and stayed in the box. Hope the passenger pulled their arm inside.

  4. So no penalty if the cone, I mean tree, stay in the box. I think that's fair ;o)