Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Clever Advertising from TrackPro Advisors

Very clever advertising from TrackPro Advisors in this video. This is a new site that attempts to bring in the entire driving community together. Think of it as a social networking site for driving.

TPA has developed a platform of products and services that has something for everyone, regardless of their experience level. If you give it a try, use promotional code TURNER6 for 6 Month Premium Membership FREE.

And let us know how it worked for you - things you liked, things you did not like, things they could do better.

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  1. Need to be recommended/referred by a TPA member.

  2. I tried to sign up. They asked for my Driver's license number during the profile setup... That was the end of that for me.
    Not sure how valuable this site is. I expected a track enthusiasts site with forums and such. This really looks more like a track marketplace for vendors/"Advisors" to sell their stuff.

  3. I took a brief look and found something called "Advisor rental" Wonder what type of insurance they have? Who is liable when bad advice or even a typo stuffs your car into a wall? Not sure who their target market is but doubt they will get any takers at the club level.

  4. We appreciate everyone’s feedback. We are happy to take the time to discuss any concerns you may have if you want to contact us directly. To be clear, we are not a marketplace, but rather a way to connect people with Technical and Coaching experts and we encourage you to spend a little more time on the site to understand our value proposition.

  5. Thanks for the follow-up Steve. To readers' points above:
    1. Is TPA member referral required?
    2. Is driver's license required to sign up and why do you ask for it?
    3. What type of insurance do you have around advisor rentals?

  6. Interesting concept, recognize the issues they're trying to address, but with so much free info floating around, it'll need to show a bona fide value in order to overcome the cost stigma.

  7. Sorry for the delay, did not see the newer comments.

    Christo response below:
    1. No, anyone can sign up for a free account at any time.
    2. No. Having this information on file helps to auto-fill For event registration forms. TPA is TrustE Certified and Norton Secured.
    3. Please read the Terms/Conditions.

    EJEvo, thats exactly why TPA was created :) Free info is not always info you can (or should) trust. That's one of the biggest problem with going to public forums for information, and something we're hoping to help offer a solution for.