Tuesday, October 16, 2012

BMW CCA Boston Autocross Event 7: "A Binder Full of...Cars"

Any more fun that this and they'd have to put Mark in a straight jacket!

Rain, rain, go away...

The Art of Dancing in the Rain Award goes to Mark Iannotti: 

I'm watching you!

Control hard at work!

Never Giving up on Summer Award goes to Eric Kaul
(or "I had no clean pants to wear but don't worry, 
I'm wearing two extra pairs of shorts")

Sailing lessons anyone?

I vote for this Mazda 2 to be 
Top Gear's next "star in a reasonably priced car" choice

If you drive fast enough, you won't get wet!

One Fun (and fast!) Honda

Derby racing car with a motor:

Will this cone survive?

A fart bigger than the car it came from!

This cone has a long way to drag around the tower!

This car wants to be on fire:

This one actually IS on fire!!

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Another cone put to good use!


  1. Poster child for Autocross. No picture can do it better and what better face than Mark's?

    1. He's too clean cut, Suzy. I bet he only eats veggies in drinks protein shakes the day before each event ;o)

  2. He's been spotted scarfing the occasional chocolate chip cookie . Take a point off for clean cut...suzy

  3. True, he uses the chocolate chip cookie in lieu of salad dressing, though ;o)