Saturday, October 20, 2012

New Hampshire Motor Speedway: Slippery When Wet

Very tough weather conditions at NHMS yesterday! This was one of at least a dozen spinouts I saw during the day:

This was the first rainy day after a period of dry weather and there was a ton if rubber deposited on the wet pavement, making turns 2b (running chicane/chicane), 4, and especially 7, 10, and 11 extremely slippery. This spinout happened in turn 10.


  1. Applied power too much too soon? BTW - Lime Rock was beautiful yesterday. I filled out my student evaluations laying on a trailer basking in the sunny 70's. :P

  2. The car tracked too far out of turn 9 and was not able to line up with the wall to the left in time and brush the brakes to settle it, which made the entry to 10 even tougher. There was a lot of rubber at the apex right where the tail kicked out, which is what finally did him in. Did not see the front wheels turn much with the skid either - the brake lights came up briefly so the back end got even lighter because of that...

    Nice about Lime Rock, Eric! How does it feel to be in the passenger seat?