Monday, October 22, 2012

Worst Flat-Spotting You Will Ever See

This is what happens when the ABS fails on a fast Corvette:

Hat Tip to Robert Z.

This happened to an experienced driver at Lightning a few weeks ago. As the driver approached a hide speed turn and hit his brakes, a message came up on the dash to remind him that there was a malfunction and he should go to the dealer. How's that for courtesy?

I am not a fan of ABS on the track. Threshold braking is a lot more effective than ABS and it's much better to learn it than rely on ABS. The problem is, it's not easy to switch off ABS without causing issues with electronics in modern cars. This accident goes to show mechanical failures can happen anytime. And this is one more reason why you have to make sure the things that are well within your control are all taken care of: simple things like torqueing the lug bolts correctly, removing lose items from the car before going out, having sufficient gas in the tank and taking those gasoline jugs out of trunk - yes, I've seen that too!

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10/22/12 UPDATE:
OneHotLap asked "Has anyone seen worse flat-spotting than this anywhere?!" and we will post pictures below from everyone who wants to show off their braking "trophies":

Kevin S.

Scott R wrote: "Locked them up so bad, 
I drove through my own tire smoke
the next lap - bad wheel bearing didn't help."

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