Tuesday, November 27, 2012

$50 HPDE!! Please Spread the Word.

Get on Track is an online community created to help increase awareness of how and where to take your car on track and reach new participants and workers in the US and Canada.

They are looking to grow the sport, find new drivers who never experienced track driving, and support the many existing and new tracks that are coming on board along with the clubs and organizations that all share this passion of motorsports.

Picture by Pierre Goyette

As part of the promotion, Get on Track is offering an HPDE for only $50!! Yes that is right, $50 to take your car to a track, including class instruction, track time, and loaner helmets. THIS PROGRAM IS FOR FIRST TIME TRACK PEOPLE ONLY!! Get on Track is planning on announcing the track dates in mid-December. Tracks under consideration are Lime Rock, NJMP/Lightning, and Pocono. Help them SPREAD THE WORD!!


  1. Too bad you can't sign up if you haven't been to a given track before. I would love to see a poll here to see how many daily readers don't qualify for this promotion. :( for me

  2. If this is to promote track days for specific clubs, then it certainly should be open to 1st timers to that specific track. OK make it $75 !

  3. Krys, good idea, I'll see what I can do.

    I added a track experience poll to the right, let's find out who reads OneHotLap ;o)