Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving Snuck up on Me This Year!

Eat turkey. Cranberry sauce. Stuffing (lots of it!) Gravy (pour it on, please). Cornbread. Corn on the cob. APPLE PIE!! Watch football. Nap. Repeat until you fall into a turkey-induced coma.

Thanksgiving is easily my favorite holiday! Except it snuck up on me this year. The Coupe still sits in a cold garage with Nitto NT01s and race pads form the October event at NHMS; the E46 325i's studded snows have been sitting in a stack waiting to go on the car; And my wife's car's snow tires... wait, I need to figure out where I put those last Spring.

I was planning on getting some of this car stuff done early Thanksgiving morning when my wife asked me nicely last night not to do ANY car work on Thanksgiving and to help with the cooking instead. Very reasonable request, no doubt! I should have offered. It would have been a small gesture of appreciation for the 20 days I schlep my butt around racetracks and autocross events every year.

She even gave me the easy cooking part - stick the turkey in the oven and check every once in a while if the thermometer has popped out of its ass. Oh, and do the gravy, which is one of my favorite parts anyhow - I could probably drink this stuff from a cup! Slice a ton of apples for the apple pie? No worries, I'll even juggle knives while I'm doing that.

And all of this cooking leaves me some time to reflect on what I am thankful for (I mean, other than the family stuff we say at the Thanksgiving table.) Which is when OneHotLap's fans come in. Some of you are hopeless gearheads and proud of it. Some of you won't touch a car and prefer to trust someone more experienced with it. It doesn't matter. What unites us is our passion for driving. This is a community where you don't have to struggle to explain what autocross is like or why Grand Am racing is better than NASCAR. You don't have to defend why you lowered you car, spent so much money on tires, brakes, and OneHotLap junk, want a "noisy" car that wakes up the neighbors at night or like to rev it up all the way to redline when you shift gears. You guys are my support! My social life! My shrink! My friends! And I am very, very, very thankful to have you.

That's nice but what about the cars still waiting to be Winterized, you ask? I guess it's a little like track driving: get to live another day, we'll figure it all out later. I bet sledding on the Nittos would be a ton of fun anyhow! Now, if you'll excuse me, there's a big bird in the oven waiting for me to check up on.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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