Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Why You Should Watch the Austin F1 Grand Prix

You're not an F1 fan, I get it. The driver names are unpronounceable, they speak with weird accents, the cars barely ever pass each other, for some strange reason they turn left AND right, they have these things called DRS, KERS (or was it curse?) instead of plain simple pushrods, and even the commentators are from somewhere else. How do you relate to a race like that?!

In one picture:

Hat Tip to Larry C.

See you at the race!

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  1. Not that I would ever complain about having FOUR women anointed with the title "miss grand prix" but does this mean there will be FOUR drivers on the podium in Austin as well? Besides, who am I to judge the ways of another country, which reminds me that I need to find my passport.

  2. We pitch a big tent for everyone. If there are FOUR good-looking drivers that are worth putting on the podium, we will do just that!