Sunday, December 30, 2012

2012: A OneHotLap Year in Review

Happy New Year, OneHotLap fans! Before we send off 2012, let's take a look back at the best that it had to offer on OneHotLap.

To start with, we showed what society thinks we do at high-performance driving events...

... and why a performance driving school might make sense if you drive like this. On a more serious note, here's a fantastic intro to performance driving for anyone looking to get involved, why choosing the right club matters, as well as how not to be a doofus at performance driving events. Here's also the best car modification for $500 to get you "started" on your car.

We explained what autocross is all about...

... and put together this very popular autocross dance video. We also pointed out that yelling "SHIT!" yields the best results out on the course. We demonstrated some advanced course design techniques, such as making use of trees instead of cones. We also showed what race car drivers are all about...

... and what 24 hours of LeMons is like, especially its New Hampshire edition.

We made a brief appearance on SpeedTV...

We broke the news about Ferrari getting caught up in another cheating scandal:

... and revealed the secret to Italian drivers' greatness!! Speaking of Italians, Ricardo Patrese has by far the most popular wife on OneHotLap, as searches for "Ricardo Patrese's wife" kept coming in almost daily since we published the fastest way to learn Italian!

We showed why competition for harnesses is heating up and had a really tough time picking the safest belt:

We learned about the art of the pass and its various techniques: nudging, battling, luck, and yes, the roll!

Cameras allow us to see everything in great detail these days, including this Amazing Onboard Footage of an Open-Top Cobra Crashing at 130 mph!

We still do not get how the Giants won Superbowl XLVI with this P.O.S. and as Patriots fans, we are still licking our wounds from two SB defeats... Good thing the Giants did not make the playoffs this year and the Patriots' chances are looking pretty good. Speaking of Superbowls, we'll always be thankful for having this great SB ad featuring Catrinel Menghia and even better to see her topless later in the year in this Abarth Cabrio ad! GULP!

We called this bluff from the creators of the Attraction of Losing Traction video. They took the car out of the garage and then back in on race tires, then changed the race tires to snow tires and did the high-speed lap with them. The video editing hid all of these details. This video really should have been a promotion for snow tires! And an excellent one at that!

We had some great racing action - here is the most viewed racing video on OneHotLap during 2012: a 10-minute-long race duel between a Porsche 911 GT3 and a BMW 1-series! Speaking of the 911 GT3, it was voted by OneHotLap fans the best car for street and track by a landslide.

We covered the Rolex 24, esp. some of the stuff you won't hear on TV in our Rolex 24: Race Scanner Confidential. Here's the best of the 2012 Rolex 24 - it still amazes me to see those Daytona Prototypes banging sides at 180 mph! And find out what goes into running a Rolex team over the 24-hour-race in our Rolex 24 Wrap-up. Who would've thought each car needs 400 lug nuts per race?!

We tried to break down the Oscars for car guys. A picture is worth a thousand words: 

We really enjoyed the "tenths" and their appropriate use on the track, as defined by great driving coach Peter Krause's Track Wisdom series.

We pulled off a really good April Fool's joke and had a few people fall far it hook, line, and sinker.

We found one more practical reason to own a Porsche 911 GT3:

We discovered that French Canadians had invented the leapfrog pass.

We were the first to break the exciting news about a Polish kielbasa market sponsoring our autocross saran wrap artist.

We found more cool cars like this Audi R8 that even JLo would want:

This was by far the most popular sticker on OneHotLap in 2012:

You voted the Dunlop Star Specs best street tires. We wrote about the next generation Star Specs coming out in March 2013 and why they are almost as exciting as a date with Scarlet Johansson!

We explained why women's hair color easily confuses us and that it's a lot easier to understand everything when a car comes with a matching taillights female model.

We revealed the 4 four constants of road racing...

... OneHotLap's four stages of learning road racing...

 ... how to use all the road...

... and how we define oversteer:

Thank you again for all your support during 2012! Happy New Year and may every weekend in 2013 start like this!