Sunday, December 2, 2012

The Sound of Music: BMW ///M Cars Back to Back

BMW recently celebrated its M division's 40-th anniversary with a sampling of some fantastic M cars at the Nürburgring's F1 circuit. Listen to the sounds of M3 CSL / GTS / Competition Package and CRT, as well as the 1M Coupe and tell us which one you like best.

Here are my thoughts:

The E92 M3 GTS wins my vote for best sound.

The E46 M3 CSL has that horrible metallic sound. It's worse on stock cars and even many aftermarket exhausts can't fix that easily. Such a shame because the E46 chassis is my favorite of all 3-series!

The BMW 1M sounds meh... Easily the most boring car of the bunch. You can barely hear the engine over the road noise. It does not even belong in this company.

The E92 M3 with competition package sounds awesome! Those throttle blips are sweet!

The E92 M3 CRT also sounds very cool!

And hey, what kind of party is this without an E30 M3?? That car will always be the REAL M3! There is not a single other BMW chassis that has ever come close to winning so many races.  The E36 M3, Z4 M Coupe, and a few other exciting M cars also should have been here. This is not a bad collection but it could have been so much better!