Monday, December 10, 2012

I Ate Your Camaro at the Road Course!

Camaro I8URVTEC license plate

I bet this is one Camaro that gets a lot of Honda owners worked up. How do you abbreviate "And I Still Ate Your Camaro at the Road Course!" in 8 characters or less?


  1. Thats My Camaro SS and my buddys 1000rwhp Cobra. The wife got me the I8URVTEC plate a few years ago for x-mas. My camaro is 600rwhp and runs 132mph in the 1/4. Its a full blown street car on full suspension. Nice to see you found my famous picture.

  2. Nice present! Definitely a statement plate! You must be close to 10 sec flat in the 1/4 mile at that speed?

  3. correct.

    However, I sold the car in April.

  4. Would could be better than a 600rwhp Camaro with a I8URVTEC plate?

  5. Not much LOL

    I hurt peoples ego's. I will tell you that much!