Sunday, December 9, 2012

Name That Caption! (No. 35)

Not to worry - I've got a 4 by 4 supporting the car!


  1. Some excellent quotes from OneHotLap fans on Facebook:
    Michael M: At the race track, anything goes!

    OneHotLap: So UpLifting!

    Mark V: Quick The 24 Hours of LeMons pit stop.

    Yani A: "How are we going to get it down?.... Very Carefully."

    Dominic S: Something tells me the right side's alignment might be off when they get that thing down.

    Chris D: All set! Now hand me one the tires from...the.....stack... ahhh crap

    Gary R: Tire jack

    Ben G: And when the unsuspecting gear head comes over, we pull the string catching him in the trap!

    Jason M: Why is that guy watching me poop

    Christo: Next time I'm just gonna lean the car against the camper.

  2. In case the post slips it is good that they decided to use rain tires, I guess.