Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Quiz No. 5: Guess the Part Type and Dealer Price

Guess the part type pictured here and approximate dealer price. 
Bonus questions: name the year, make, and model.

Hint: It's NOT related to lingerie!

A plastic steering wheel cover for a 2007 BMW 328xi lists at $140.58!!
How's this not criminal?!

As OneHotLap reader Adm B. wrote, "That's a good ~$0.75 worth of plastic, add a bit of paint, amortize the molds over the production run...labor...yep you're right there at $1.4058"

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  1. 128i steering wheel trum

  2. It's a steering wheel "surround" and probably runs about $150

  3. Tim wins! Answer added above. It's beyond me how this can cost more than ...maybe $19.99.