Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Quiz No. 6: Guess the Part Type and Approximate Price

Guess the part type and approximate price.

Bonus question: For what make and model?

Hint: Yes, it contains a real painted tennis ball!

(no lookups and other Google shenanigans, please)

This is an '05+ Elise "darthHOLDER" sold by Sector111 for $39.99. From their website:
"This evil device slips in or out of the cubby over the side sill in 5 seconds or less. It is held firmly in place by a high-tech spherical elastomeric retention device. No tools or modifications are required for installation or removal. Comes with a storage bag and removable springs for that extra large cup of your favorite concoction. Only 0.35 lbs. Will fit both sides of car. Road trip tested!

Join the dark side and enjoy some proper hydration while in your Elise."

And yes, "spherical elastomeric retention device" = TENNIS BALL!!!

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1 comment:

  1. Comments from OneHotLap on Facebook:

    Jamey F: tow hook for a M3. $299

    Peter R: water bottle holder $2.99 at Walmart

    OneHotLap: Cupholder is correct, Peter! Price is way off, though. Any idea on the make and model it was designed for? Hint: it's a car that's not supposed to need cupholders. Jamey, THAT was funny!! You wouldn't tow an M3 TOO far with that "tow hook" ;o)

    Jamey F: I figured it was an e-bay brand and this was a joke... you can get a replacement turbo for my car on ebay for like $300! It's AWESOME! Supposedly it supports up to 500hp. and probably for about 12 minutes!\

    Chris C: I know what that is!!!

    Chris C: Lotus Elise/exige cup holder made by sector 111

    OneHotLap You be quiet! DSQ-ed!!

    Chris Carter Haha

    OneHotLap: Chris wins (Exige ownership pays off!) this is an '05+ Elise cupholder sold by Sector111 at $39.99. Details: high-tech FWIW, "spherical elastomeric retention device" = TENNIS BALL!!!