Monday, January 28, 2013

10 Best Things About Kimi's New Steering Wheel!

Lotus has earned its reputation as the most (probably only!) fun team in F1. This is Kimi Raikkonen's new steering wheel, revealed by the team today.

And here are the 10 best things we like about it:

10. Finishing Position - yes, Kimi can dial that in at any time!

9. Smile - not going to happen without a button!

8. Nap Mode - to kill time in those boring races when there's no one around to race with!

7. Deploy Angry Bird - very handy when Alonso (or any other competitor) try to drive Kimi off the track again.

6. Ice Cream - so you don't have to wait till after you park the car in the garage.

5. Cold / Very Cold / Ice Cold - this one will be permanently set to 11!

4. Mute button - to use after the third time you tell the engineer that you know what you're doing!

3. Translate (Anti-Mumble) - not sure if this will ever work for Kimi...

2. Sat Nav - so you can find your way back to the track after you go off.

1. Open Gate - To open gates that weren't supposed to be blocking track entries based on your memory from 5 years ago! (Goes perfectly well when #2 Sat Nav is paired with Apple Maps!)

On a related note, Lotus could have used THIS steering wheel for their crashaholic driver Romain Grosjean!

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