Monday, January 7, 2013

2013 Rolex 24 Hours Of Daytona: Night Testing

There's something mesmerizing about driving under the bright lights. The light at Daytona changes depending on where you are on the track, which makes it even more challenging for the drivers when compared to bright F1 tracks like Singapore.

Photo Credit to Will Patterson Photography
Your eyes need to adapt to these changing conditions, which is all part of endurance racing at night. It is much harder to judge the braking points and your field of vision narrows so much faster around you at night.

As a driver, you must be able to take a cat nap with all this commotion around (there is typically only 1 trailer per 4 drivers!), then be ready to drive at your best shortly after you wake up.

It is amazing to think that you'd wake up after a couple of hours of sleep and go driving 180 mph at night!

Photo Credit to Will Patterson Photography
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