Sunday, January 13, 2013

A Texas-Sized BMW CCA Boston Club Logo

A Texas-sized garage deserves a Texas-sized club logo, wouldn't you agree? Pictured here are Mark and Sigrid Schnoerr, staples of BMW CCA Boston's driving events, after their recent move to Texas. Their Boston friends wanted to let them know how much they still miss them, so they sent them this oversize Boston club logo. This in spite of the fact that Mark and Sigrid keep reminding them every chance they get that there are 4 fantastic tracks within a short driving range of their new home and that their driving season runs year-round...


  1. Very nice! Love the size of that garage. They look like they are having a ball.

  2. Yes, I think "giddy" better describes their state of mind ;o)

  3. Wow great picture of the extreme duo!! Check out the boots! They rock as well as the size of the impeccable garage and its floor! More that one dude is drooling of envy... Maybe we can sleep in their garage when we visit:)