Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Course Walk: on Foot, Scooter, Bike, or Car?

Rolllin...you got me rollin'
I'm rollin'
Searchin undearneath the sun

This scooter missed the Apex by two feet! Likely due to its skinny tires, which might have led to some undesired understeer. It could use wider tires for better traction, unless of course that bumps it up a class.

On a more serious note, what does your autocross club do for course walk? Does it allow any bikes or scooters? Does it allow drive-throughs on rainy days? Should it? How much time are you allowed to walk through the course and should there be a strictly enforced limit?

1/16/2013 UPDATE
Guinness World Records has confirmed that this is the fastest scooter turn EVER recorded for a driver talking on the phone at an autocross event!