Wednesday, January 16, 2013

It's Over: Mustang Tops BMW!

A few weeks ago, we posted a picture of a Mustang on one wheel and asked BMW owners if they could do that too. So they said:

"I'll see you and raise you one wheel!"

Hat Tip to Patrick M.

Not to be outdone, Mustang owners sent this in and said "Oh yeah? Getting all 4 off the pavement's easy. But can you do it SIDEWAYS?!"

I figure the only way to top this off would be for BMW owners to find a picture of a car upside down in the air.

Until then, we declare Mustang the winner!

1/16/2013 UPDATE
OneHotLap fan Jamey F. is reporting that BMW owners did try to top off the Mustang's feat by sending this BMW airborne and then taking a picture of it upside down earlier today.

Unfortunately, they were intercepted by the local fire department and their attempt failed. Pictured here is the local fireman waving at the BMW photographer to call it off.

We are officially calling it for the Mustang!