Thursday, January 31, 2013

My Ferrari 458 Spider Challenge to Chris Harris

Chris Harris does some of the most entertaining and informative car reviews. Not only does he write and present exceptionally well, he is one of the few automotive journalists who actually know how to drive FAST. And drive like a boss he did in this video!

"I've therefore decided that I'm going to drive this car like a complete idiot."

Yes, Chris, you are a year late for reviewing the Ferrari 458 Spider and that's OK -- we'd rather wait for a year to see your review than anybody else's!

And I have a challenge for you: if someone is gracious enough to drop off a 458 Spider in my driveway and forget the keys in it, I promise to get it around the entire track totally sideways. I'll just have to trade the cool-looking hat with a real helmet.

Deal? Any 458 Spider owners reading this? Pleeeease?