Thursday, February 28, 2013

Porsche Secretly Designs the 911 with Straight Exhaust Pipes?

Porsche has just recalled its 2012 and '13 base Carrera model for cracking tailpipes, according to filings with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

The tailpipes could crack and fall off on these models as the cars age, especially past 25k miles. Only the base Carrera and Carrera 4 models equipped with the standard exhaust are affected. Carrera models fitted with the "louder sport exhaust", as the MSN article referenced above states, are not impacted by the recall, nor are any of the more powerful S models.

Sound and Fury: Porsche 997 GT3 RS at the Rally

Hat Tip to Adam B.

The 911 GT3 RS, already voted "Best Sports Car for Street and Track" by OneHotLap fans, might just earn one more award: "Most Fun Car to Watch at the Rally!"

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A DTM Car Knock over 4 Crew Members in the Pit Lane!

I had to watch the slow-mo footage starting at 0:57 a few times to figure out exactly how this DTM car knocked over the 4 crew members. It's very unfortunate that some of the crew members were seriously shaken up but it seems to me that they did it to themselves -- check how low they left their gun hose hanging compared to all other garages in the video. What a freak accident and a stark reminder of the dangers of working in the pit lane.

The Ultimate Paintball Duel!

Hat Tip to Jamey F.

This is one of the most fun car ads of recent memory. 
Kudos to Audi and the RS 4 Avant ad campaign.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Yes, I'll Have a Patron, Please.

Photo credit: OneWord Photography

Yes, I'll have a Patron, please.

A Lotus Gone Wild: How an A/C Leak Turned into a 400-WHP Monster - Part V

I don’t always build race cars, but when I do,
I prefer to do it in my pajamas
Here is Part V of the amazing 400-WHP, 2,000 LB Lotus Exige S built by a regular guy without any tuning experience, all done in a small garage, without a lift, and in his spare time.

Part I of the series covered the background of the project and why the Toyota 2zz engine was not the best choice.

Part II focused on the research that went into the motor and why the Honda K-motor seemed like an intriguing choice.

Part III focused on some of the critically important setup choices: supercharger, exhaust, and intercooling.

Part IV detailed the Rotrex setup, the tear down, and pulling the motor out.

Today's Part V covers the Swap Kit parts, the custom engine/Rotrex oil coolers, fuel system, engine and clutch, with a few surprises along the way.

Again, Chris is continuing the write-up in his own words --

Swap Kit Parts Are In!
The big day has come and most of my swap parts arrived, including the motor mounts, throttle pedal, throttle cable, and throttle cable brackets. The Lotus throttle pedal is DBW and the sensor is built into the factory pedal. The K20A2 motor, throttle body and ECU are setup for a throttle cable, so this needed to be changed accordingly. It was pretty easy to remove the factory pedal, as long as I did it from outside the car. Bolting the Innovative throttle pedal in and working underneath the dashboard of the Lotus was a huge pain in the ass.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Soccer Moms' Guide to Always Being on Time!

Hat Tip to Boostocracy

Hey Soccer Moms and Dads,
Are you always running late for 
soccer practice, 
lacrosse games, 
guitar lessons, 
baseball tryouts, 
math lessons?
Here's your best tool to keep you on schedule!

How to Get Started in Karting: Emma's Experience

A while back, we compared track, autocross and karting and concluded that based on cost per seat time and thrill, karting cannot be beat! The sport is a great entry point for future pro drivers and the most effective type of racing in terms of skill development. To give you a better perspective for what goes into karting, we asked Emma, a young karter from the UK, to share her experience with us. She currently races karts in club championships, with the aim of moving on to cars and pro racing. She also invites you to check out her trackday experience website, which helps pay for her racing expenses.

Emma in the #19 kart
by Emma Hoards

Karting. It’s the one form of Motorsport where nearly every professional racing driver learned his (or her!) trade. As well as being one of the most cost effective ways of getting into the sport, you’ll learn everything you need to go further and compete in whichever series you choose. I've put together some best practices and tips on how to develop karting skills.

Getting Started
Getting into the sport is as simple as visiting your local track and asking some questions. If you’re getting into it without any previous contacts, head to your local owner-driver track and start asking questions! You'll quickly find out what classes are raced at your local track, as well as the best place nearby where you’ll be able to buy equipment.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

NASCAR Crash at Daytona: A 200-MPH Demolition Derby!

Engine and tire in the stands, at least 5 fans injured. Testament to the advance of safety measures that this crash didn't end up with more injuries. Not sure if a bigger catch fence would help - maybe they need to put these cars in a glass tunnel to make it safe for the fans. If you have to bump draft at 200 mph, stuff like this is always going to happen...

2/23/2013 UPDATE:
Here is footage from a fan showing the chaotic scene in the grandstands immediately following the crash. Amazing to see how close that tire landed!

Everyone's Dream Garage Should Have At Least One Lancia!

Everyone's dream garage should have at least one Lancia!
Please make it a Lancia Stratos for me, please. 
God, I hope I can fit in it!

Top 10 Questions to Avoid Asking Kimi Raikkonen!

Hat Tip to Axis of Oversteer

Here's a short list of questions that reporters may want to avoid asking Kimi Raikkonen:
  1. How do you find your way back to the track after you get lost on it?
  2. What is your favorite ice cream flavor?
  3. Are you disappointed that the only time you won last year, there was no champagne?
  4. What's your favorite gorilla costume?
  5. Do you feel bad for missing Pele's presentation because you were taking a shit?

Friday, February 22, 2013

Fast & Furious Gearbox, Mini "Magic Wand" Edition

I am scared to Google "Magic Wand"...

Bridgestone RE11A: A New Suspect Has Entered the Crime Scene

This year has already seen two very exciting tire introductions: the long-awaited Dunlop Direzza replacement and the new kid on the block BFG g-Force Rival. To make our heads spin even worse with tough choices, the new Bridgestone Potenza RE11A is shaping up to be a formidable competitor as well. The Tirerack just announced the following:

***Bridgestone RE11A UPDATE***

Launch will be in March 2013
10 sizes 15"- 18"
40 - 45 series
V and W speed rating
New compound designed specifically for autocross with better wear

The Dunlop Direzza has had a cult-like following among track day and autocross junkies. The Rival may be even faster, at least in the dry. And now we get the RE11A claimed to be specifically built for autocross!

Turn 1: The Kink

This is what happens when
the paving crew doubles up as course designers!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Craziest Race on Land, Water, and Air!

Just when I thought I'd seen all forms of racing...

Take that, Formula 1!

This Is the Best Deal on Brakes Anywhere!

Newsflash: March is a week away! Hard to believe another off-season rolled by and track days are just around the corner. For some warmer parts of the country, the track season has already started (don't you hate it when they friggin' brag about it while we're dealing with another Nor'easter?!)

So I have a request for all of you: before you make your final decision about buying your brakes, please take a look at TopBrakes.comHere's why:

1. We worked very hard to get a great deal from them. Specifically:

Best P'shop Award!

Hat Tip to Ursula M.

Look, it does rally and flies too!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Boston Mini Club Is Not Impressed with MINI's Full 360° Backflip!

Hat Tip to Susan K.

MINI has one-upped all car stunts of recent memory with this stunt! They are calling it the world's first "unassisted 360 degree backflip" in a car. The modified Mini John Cooper Works Countryman used for the stunt caught approximately 40 feet of air.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

OneHotLap Quiz: How Many Degrees Is This Spin?

Calculate the degrees for this spin.

Bonus question:
Would the car be spinning the opposite way in the Southern hemisphere?

Old Skool Racing - BTCC's 1988 Brands Hatch Round

The future 1988 BTCC champion Frank Sytner battles with the future F1 Simtek driver Roland Ratzenberger (RIP) on the Brands Hatch GP circuit. This is a classic battle and some of the best racing you will see anywhere.


Polishing the Garage Floor by Hand, F1 Style!

Picture courtesy of Lotus F1 Team
Polishing the garage floor by hand: 
Just another responsibility for the typical F1 pit crew!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Name That Caption! (No. 43)

R8 Airline's flight #666 has been cleared for take-off!

Track Review: Canadian Tire Motorsport Park (Mosport)

by EJ

Back in 2011, two of my track rat friends decided to head North and experience Canadian Tire Motorsport Park (CTMP). Upon their return they talked about their on-track experiences in terms they hadn't used for other tracks we had been to. They kept mentioning how several turns demanded your full attention and respect, and how difficult it was to trust the advice of others and drive full bore in some turns when your head was saying "this is unsafe - slow down". These friends were good drivers, and I trusted their opinions and impressions, so I was curious as to what manner of layout could keep them coming back to discussions about this track and the constant references to "wear your big boy pants". The following year, I decided to find out for myself.

EJ in his track-prepped Evo VIII at Mosport

Track History
Previously known as "Mosport" (pronounced "MOE - sport") until early 2010, Canadian Tire Motorsport Park has a storied history dating back to its opening in 1961. Located in the woods and rolling farmland that lay just over an hour east of Toronto, the facility has hosted many important and historic events and drivers, from Can-Am to F1, and drivers such as Brabham, Moss, Andretti, and Foyt have turned wheels in anger here. It's one of only 3 tracks in the world that has hosted F1, Can-Am, and Indy car events. In recent history, the track has hosted ALMS and Grand Am races, among others.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Drifting "School", Georgia Style

Hat Tip to Hristo S and Omeed A.

From Georgia with love -- this is how they run "driving schools" over there.
Do not attempt on your own.

Most Entertaining Rally Footage 2011-2012

Hat Tip to Carlos S. via Speedworld

This video has some of the most entertaining rally footage. My favorites:

0:12 - Trabants can do this?
1:19 - Bouncing off spectators to slow the car down and get a quick push
1:45 - Photographer at the apex? Are you MAD??
1:56 - Drives like a boss but needs to tighten up that turn by good 15 feet
2:24 - Because drifting is more fun!
3:50 - Lada's marketing slogan should be: 180 all day!
4:34 - That's what you call a drift, dude? Left at least 15 feet of perfectly good pavement!
6:59 - Are these people really snapping up pictures in the spin zone at night?!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Alignment Settings Aftermath - A Picture Tutorial

A picture is worth more than a thousand words...

Oldie But Goldie: Darrell Waltrip at Bathurst

Hat Tip to Adam B.

I gotta work my way out of here. 
I gotta work around the skidmarks in my underwear...

Friday, February 15, 2013

Tesla Is Losing its Biggest Strength: Goodwill

Unless you've been stuck in a cave for the past few days, you've probably heard about the verbal spat between Tesla and the New York Times about the recent test-drive gone bad. This article sums up exactly how I feel about the story and current EV technology in general.

It's a shame that Tesla's Chief Evangelist is single-handedly wiping out the company's biggest strength: its goodwill. The story has painted all of Tesla in a very negative light and brought to the limelight all limitations of current EV technology, which make it a nuisance for the average car owner. This story may be one of the biggest automotive implosions when it comes to reputation and goodwill. Accessible or not, useful or useless, Tesla has been a cool brand. I doubt most people will think of them that way after this story...

Name That Caption! (No. 42)

The stripes alone add more power than the entire 2-cyl motor!

OneHotLap Polls: Most Exciting 2013 Performance Tire!

I love the smell of rubber in the morning! And in the afternoon. And at night. The sight of fat, sticky tires with big tread blocks really makes my pulse quicken!

This year has seen two very exciting tire introductions: the long-awaited Dunlop Direzza replacement and the new kid on the block BFG g-Force Rival. The Direzza has had a cult-like following among track day and autocross junkies and the Rival may be even faster, at least in the dry.

We were really curious to see how our poll would break out. It was neck and neck between the Direzza ZII and the Rival for the first few days and then the Direzza started opening a lead. The interest in these two tires is so significant, the other 3 poll entrants - the Hankook RS3, Toyo R1R, and the entire Other category - have only had a negligible number of votes.

It's not too late to cast your vote - the poll will be open for a few more days. We'll have to do another tire poll after the Bridgestone RE-11a come out in April. Better yet, we will have some real world reviews of the Dunlop Direzza ZII and BFG g-Force Rivals before that. Keep an eye on this space for updates.

Related 2013 Tire Posts:
Dunlop Direzza ZII: The Lap Time Comparison We've All Been Waiting for!
BFGoodrich g-Force Rival: The Plot Thickens!
First Dunlop Direzza ZIIs Shipped to Customers!!
Dunlop Star Spec Direzza ZII: A Tire as Exciting as a Date with Scarlet Johansson!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Ferrari Enzo Does WRC?

Immediate reactions:
  1. Are you MAD?
  2. Why off-road? The Enzo has no ground clearance!
  3. Why the "TAXTHRICH" license plate and how does that video help?!
  4. Where the hell did they fit a camera that they could driver OVER in the last frame?
  5. (clearing throat) Are you looking for more drivers? Pleeease.

OneHotLap Contest: Real or P'shopped?

By now, most of you who read OneHotLap regularly, can point out all the things wrong with this picture of a Benz on track.

An exciting new picture has surfaced showing the same Benz getting a point-by from a Ferrari while exiting a turn:

We need your opinion: 

Is the picture real or p'shopped? 
Please state your reasons.

Quiz No. 7: Name the Real Reason for the First C7 Stingray Crash

It's safe to assume that by now, everyone has seen the picture of the first ever C7 Corvette Stingray crash:

Hat Tip to Corvette Forum

It is remarkable for such an exciting car, which is not sold in dealerships yet, to crash on a public road. This requires a vote to help us better determine the real reason for the crash!

Please choose the correct answer:

1. GM wanted to showcase the C7 Stingray's capability to climb canyon walls.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Monday, February 11, 2013

License to Ride in the Back Seat

Back seat driver must carry this license in person.
Otherwise must keep quiet while vehicle is in motion.

Perfect for that upcoming family vacation!!

Fun Video from the World Karting Finals

This is some of the best kart racing you will see anywhere!

Viewing tips: unless you are studying French and looking to brush up on kart lingo, skip straight to to 0:56. Onboard cam starts at 2:00.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

What It's Like to Own a Race Car

Looks about right... 
...except it would have been more accurate to use Benjamin Franklin bills.

Alicia Keys - This Gulf Is on Fire!

This is how Alicia Keys would probably want to adapt her Girl on Fire lyrics for this picture:

She's just a Gulf, and she's on fire
Hotter than a fantasy, longer like a highway
She's living in a world, and it's on fire
Feeling the catastrophe, but she knows she can fly away

Oh, she got both feet on the ground
And she's burning it down
Oh, she got her head in the clouds
And she's not backing down

This Gulf is on fire
This Gulf is on fire
She's walking on fire
This Gulf is on fire

Looks like a Gulf, but she's a flame
So bright, she can burn your eyes
Better look the other way
You can try but you'll never forget her name
She's on top of the world
Hottest of the hottest Gulfs say

Friday, February 8, 2013

One Hot Lap Analysis of COTA Onboard Turner Motorsport's M3

TMS Track Analysis: Bill Auberlen at Circuit of the Americas
Produced by Miguelangel Aponte-Rios

Here's your perfect snow day video. Take that, Nemo!

Cars Banned from Roads Today But They Didn't Say Anything about Snowmobiles!!

Massachusetts has banned cars from public roads starting at 4 PM today. That only leaves us with snowmobile racing for the day -- not a bad trade-off judging by this video. (For best results, skip straight to 2:53.) And since the Massachusetts Turnpike is closed to cars today, that makes snowmobile racing on it even safer. Right?

Thursday, February 7, 2013

This Is What Every Milk Run Should Look Like

This is a fantastic BRZ video produced for Subaru Spain. Depending on how much time you have, you may want to skip the first 1:12 minutes of "foreplay". Or you can stick with the video from the start to set your mood right --

The BRZ looks so good and those lurid slides are so cool, it makes me re-think the FR-S choice we made here. It's great to have options, don't you think?

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Top 10 Things to Bring to the Track: 5. Duct Tape

Duct tape helps fix leaking hoses, patches seat cracks, tapes doors shut until you can fix them, keeps your hanging bumper or underbody tray at the right height, fixes dangling side mirrors, and much more. If they can fix the space shuttle with duct tape, you can fix almost anything in your track car with it.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

This Is What a 160 mph Crash at Daytona Looks Like

This is an incredible video in which Jack Roush Jr.'s Mustang Boss 302R GT sends BGB Motorsports' 997 into the wall during the Continental 200 qualifying session at Daytona. The 160 mph accident happens just before the entry to the bus-stop at the end of the back straight. From the Cayman's onboard camera, it is clear that the Mustang cut in front of the Porsche just before braking, swiped its left front side, and sent it into the wall.

Monday, February 4, 2013

F1 Car Launches are Useless Exercises in Vanity

F1 car launches are most useless exercises in vanity. What does it matter if the new Red Bull car has a purple stepped up nose - the real question is, IS IT FAST? Good to know that its nose is not pink at least.

Red Bull's car, code-named the RB9. 
This is what helps sell 8 ounces of water, caffeine and sugar for $3

The cars are completely stripped of any meaningful aerodynamic bits. Drivers and staff rehearse their part for the Q&A session and the answers are totally mundane and predictable. At least the teams don't try to run the launch events in the Louvre or showcase their new car in front historic race cars lined up in a row for the press any more.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Widebody Reversal: From Taylor Swift Back to Beyonce

Breaking news: In anticipation of Beyonce's Superbowl halftime show today, The STIG's OneHotLap cousin The SMIG has just announced a widebody reversal from Taylor Swift back to Beyonce for his race car. Long-time OneHotLap fans fondly remember the day when the SMIG's race car lost the sexy, curvy, Beyonce-like widebody for a skinny, hipster-gone-country Taylor Swift body. The SMIG's widebody reversal today will go from this...

Saturday, February 2, 2013

How To Test If Your GT-R Is Running Rich at the Dyno!

Hat Tip To Eric S.

Here's is a step-by-step approach to help you determine
if your Nissan GT-R is running too rich at the dyno:
  1. Hold a shish kabob 6 to 12 inches from the tailpipe for the duration of the run. 
  2. If the meat is only cooked medium rare, you are running too lean.
  3. If the meat is well done, you are good.
  4. If the meat is burned, you are running too rich.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Fast & Furious, EV Edition

We are so relieved that Vin Diesel will have a
Imagine they went green with an EV version 
and he'd have to say THIS:

Hat Tip to

That would not be cool enough
even if the Prius had the usual 18-speed gearbox!

Name That Caption! (No. 40)

Hey buddy, you're not from around here, are you?